Does your pet hide under the bed and whine when they hear the thunder?

Pets get anxious and frightened during thunderstorms. Some get restless and pace while whining, and some get destructive. Storm anxiety is common in pets and can be heartbreaking for you to watch.

So, how can you comfort your furry friend?

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips to calm your pets down during a thunderstorm.

Let’s begin.

Here Are Some Tips to Calm Your Pets Down During a Thunderstorm!

Try Some Calming RemediesOffer a Safe Space

Distract Your Pet!

Try Playing Music!

All in all: How to Calm Your Pets Down During a Thunderstorm

Here Are Some Tips to Calm Your Pets Down During a Thunderstorm!

Is there a thunderstorm in the weather forecast?

In that case, you need to prepare for what’s to come to make your furry friend comfortable during this stressful event.

Here are some tips that’ll help.

Be There for Your Pet!

Being alone during a thunderstorm can worsen your pet’s anxiety. So, make sure you or someone your pet trusts is with them until the storm passes.

Offer a Safe Space

Some pets prefer seeking comfort and hiding during a storm. You can create a warm, safe, and cozy space for your pet to help them. A crate or a bed is the best bet. You can spray some dog pheromones on a blanket to offer additional comfort.

Try Some Calming Remedies

You can try wraps, shirts, and capes to help your pet feel secure. These swaddle your pet and ease their anxiety. Other natural remedies you can try include using essential oils and CBD oil. CBD oil has a calming effect on pets and works well.

Distract Your Pet!

Don’t give your pet attention when there whining or crying. Instead, try giving positive attention by indulging them in activities they usually like. This includes playing with them, brushing their hair, etc.

Try Playing Music!

In most cases, pets are scared of the loud, rumbling sound. If that’s the case, you can use some music to help calm your pet down. Classical music is a hit with most! You can also try playing TV or white noise.

All in all: How to Calm Your Pets Down During a Thunderstorm

Did we cover everything you needed to know?

If your pet has severe storm anxiety, you should consult your vet to discuss medication. But, medicine should be a last resort in such cases since it has side effects of its own.

Do you have questions? If so, leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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