Were you thinking of quickly running to the supermarket to get something and leaving your dog in the car?

Think again.

A hot car isn’t safe for your pet–even a few minutes in the car is a risk to your dog’s health. The temperature inside a vehicle can easily reach 100 degrees in a matter of just 20 minutes in 70-degree weather.

And cracking a window doesn’t help, either.

In this blog post, we will go through a few reasons why leaving your furry friend in a hot car is probably the worst idea you’ve ever had.

Let’s begin.

Here’s Why It is a Bad Idea

Summing Up: Why You Should Not Leave Your Dog In a Hot Car

Here’s Why It is a Bad Idea

In summer, the RSPCA gets over two calls an hour about pets left alone in a hot car.

While those who leave their pets in the car have innocent intentions, it can have a catastrophic effect on the pet’s health.

The thing is that the temperature inside a car can quickly rise on hot, even slightly warm days. When a car is turned on, the air conditioning masks the heat, making people think that it might be okay to leave Fido in the car as they quickly run an errand.

But, they fail to realize how hot a car can get once the AC is turned off.

And, cracking a window open seldom helps! It only makes a 0.5-degree difference.

So, what are the dangers?

Your dog can die from overheating in only 10 minutes. So, leaving your dog in a hot car can be lethal. Your dog can also get heatstroke in less than 6 minutes.

It is best to leave your dog at home or take him along. Leaving him in a hot car isn’t worth risking death.

Summing Up: Why You Should Not Leave Your Dog In a Hot Car

Did you know that 28 states in the US have laws against leaving your pet in an unattended vehicle?

It is not safe to leave your dog in a hot car–he can suffer from heatstroke and get really sick. Keep in mind that heatstroke can be deadly for some pets. So, your 15-minute errand can wait as it is not worth risking your furry friend’s life.

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